Monday, February 19, 2018

Moruga roads crumbling


COLLAPSED: Kevin Taylor views the collapsed section of Loney Road in Moruga yesterday. The residents of the area are calling for authorities to repair the crumbling road. –Photo: DEXTER PHILIP

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THE roads in the constituency of Moruga continue to crumble and collapse, and when he last checked, Member of Parliament for the area Clifton De Coteau, had counted 125 landslides. De Coteau said he was doing all in his power to help people whose homes have been damaged or destroyed by the slides.

He said it was up to the Works and Infrastructure Ministry to begin major infrastructure work.

The MP visited Loney Road, Indian Walk last month and found it almost totally destroyed.

The Princes Town Regional Corporation under whose jurisdiction the road falls, will not be able to repair the road as it will be too costly, said constituency official Joseph Ali.

Eight families have been affected, Ali said. Affected resident, Brent Vincent, 39, said last year September the road began falling away.

He blamed the destruction on faulty water lines.

Vincent said although the lines were repaired just before September, damage was already done to the road.