Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Mother identifies woman found stabbed to death

THE body found with multiple stab wounds in an empty lot in San Fernando on Sunday was identified yesterday as that of Crystal Balcharan.

Balcharan, 32, was identified by her mother who went to the police after she could not find her daughter.

Police said Balcharan’s mother, Kunti Kissoon, came to the San Fernando Police Station enquiring about the woman’s body found at Robertson Street, near Cipero Street.

Police were called to the scene by an anonymous caller after the body was discovered around 1.20 a.m. near a mango tree. The body appeared to have been dragged, and there were stab wounds to the chest, stomach, back and legs, officers said.

The purple top she was wearing was raised and her long, white pants were down to her knees. She was also wearing a pair of pink slippers.

Police were told that Balcharan’s last known address was at Peter Street, La Romaine, and she was employed as a dancer in a bar in San Fernando.

Corporal Fortune is investigating.

— Susan Mohammed