Monday, December 18, 2017

Mother of 2 bludgeoned to death


BETTER TIMES: Murder victim Develyn Simpson, 32, found bludgeoned to death inside her Princes Town apartment yesterday.

Mark Fraser

A mother of two was found bludgeoned to death inside her Princes Town apartment yesterday.

Develyn Simpson, 32, was heard screaming out for help. But neighbours were too afraid to respond and contacted the Princes Town Police Station.

Police officers broke open the door to Simpson’s apartment and discovered her bloodied body lying on the floor. A gas tank and broken knife were found near the corpse.

Simpson occupied the apartment with her two children — a ten-year-old boy and seven-year-old girl. The children were staying at their grandmother’s house at Brother’s Road, Williamsville.

Simpson, who was separated from the children’s father, lived in one of four apartments in the basement of a building at Matilda Junction, Princes Town.

Landlord Carver Joseph said, “I got a call about 12.20 a.m. from a tenant who said there was a lot of commotion going on in Develyn’s apartment. She said a man’s voice was threatening to kill her and she was screaming out for someone to help her. We called the police.”

Joseph said the woman moved into the apartment with her two children six months ago. “To me she was a joyful, young person full of energy. This is truly a loss,” he said.

Simpson’s friend, Denika Cummings, said she would be missed by everyone in the building. “She was my friend. We became friends when she came here to live. She was a genuine person, who was always smiling,” she said.

Cummings said her friend never complained of threats to her life. “She never told me about anyone threatening her. I knew she was separated from the children’s father. I don’t know if she was involved with anyone else,” she said.

Simpson worked in her brother’s food outlet at Brothers’ Road, where she would take her children daily. “I knew that the children would stay over by their grandmother sometimes. She was coming by me to do her hair tomorrow because she had to go out on Sunday. This is very sad,” she said.

Simpson’s relatives are calling on the police to find the person responsible for her death.

Her brother, Devon, said Simpson was a mother of two children and that the family was struggling to accept the reality of the situation.

“From what the police told me there seemed to be fight between her and her attacker because the whole place was ransacked. A lot of things broken all over so there seemed to be a struggle. People also said they noticed (a man known to her) leaving the home a little while after they heard the commotion. I don’t know if she was in an abusive relationship or what but it seems so. Because nothing was taken. And you doh come and beat a person like that for no reason?” he said. 

He described his sister as a “really sweet and loving person” who was liked by everyone she met.

Crime scene investigators searched the apartment for evidence for several hours yesterday.

Investigators said a Princes Town man was being interviewed in connection with the crime last evening. 

—with reporting by Alexander Bruzual