Friday, December 15, 2017

Mother of murder victim ‘grieves to death’

THE mother of murder victim Trevolon Joseph, who was shot last year, has died.

She died on Friday grieving for her only child, said friends.

Lydia Sergeant, 74, suffered from no major illness.

Trevolon Joseph was shot outside a restaurant and bar on Coffee Street, San Fernando around 8:30 p.m. while purchasing food on December 16. He was a labourer and taxi driver.

San Fernando Mayor Kasim Hosein and Deputy Mayor Junia Regrello visited the scene and attempted to comfort Sergeant, who was inconsolable.

Marlon Joseph, who refers to Sergeant as his step-mother, said since her son’s death she was never the same.

“She was always sad, She would only be saying she wished her son was alive. Since her son’s death she has been eating but not much. She would eat very little. Up to the last week before she died, she hardly ate anything at all,” said Joseph.

The elderly woman lived alone at Drayton Street, in a house with no electricity or pipe-borne water.

Joseph, 32, began taking care of Sergeant when her son died.

He said an autopsy was expected to be conducted today at San Fernando General Hospital.

He will also attempt to obtain a funeral grant from the Ministry of the People and Social Development to cover expenses.