Sunday, December 17, 2017

Mother in court for son's murder

Eight-year-old found hanging


hiding face: A relative of Marcia Harper attempts to hide her face from media photographers outside the San Fernando Magistrates' Court yesterday. Inset: De'Mario Raguhnanan. —Photo: Dave Persad

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MARCIA Harper, the mother charged with murdering her eight-year-old son by hanging him, appeared in the San Fernando Magistrates' Court yesterday.

During the court appearance, her uncle was threatened with jail time by the magistrate, after being warned about interrupting the court proceedings.

Harper was taken before Acting Deputy Chief Magistrate Rajendra Rambachan charged by Corporal Beharry that last Monday at Fourth Street East, Corinth Settlement, Ste Madeleine, she allegedly murdered De'Mario Raguhnanan.

Rambachan asked the woman if she was over 18 years of age and she said she was.

He also asked if she had an attorney. Harper said she did not and the magistrate began to explain: "If you cannot afford an attorney, given the nature of the matter, I suggest..."

A man then stood in the public gallery, catching Rambachan's attention.

He was the same relative who placed a red jacket over Harper's head to hide the handcuffed woman from media photographers as she was being taken to court.

Rambachan told him: "You cannot interrupt the court... If you want to speak, have an attorney represent her... If he stands again have an officer arrest him."

The man said Harper was his niece.

The magistrate warned him that he could not stand in court from the public gallery and he was told to come forward.

The man said attorney Jason Jackson was Harper's attorney but the lawyer was absent.

Rambachan thanked the man for the information and told Harper: "He (Jackson) is not here. Apparently he's the one who has been retained by your relatives."

Rambachan told the woman that she could not be granted bail for the offence and adjourned the case to December 14.