Thursday, December 14, 2017

Mother prays as she meets HDC officials today

ABIGAIL MONDESIR, the mother of three who is seeking housing assistance, has a meeting with Housing Development Corporation (HDC) officials today.

The meeting will take place at HDC's office in San Fernando.

Two weeks ago, Mondesir, 27, visited Express House, Independence Square, Port of Spain, seeking help in obtaining a home because there were family problems where she was staying with her husband of ten years. The family lived at St Andrews Park East, Cocoyea.

Mondesir said since her story was highlighted in the Express two Saturdays ago, she received several phone calls from people willing to assist by providing money or grocery items to her and the children.

Yesterday, Mondesir told the Express she was asked to visit the HDC office with relevant documents and copies of the articles published in the Express.

"I am hoping and praying that the words I hear tomorrow will be good."

Mondesir said she called HDC's south office on Wednesday to find out some information and was told to visit the office today.

Two months ago, Mondesir said she was forced to leave her husband, Stephan Baird, whose family owns the home, with her childrenóDestiny, seven, Denisha, five, and three-year-old Dominicóbecause of family-related issues.

Baird, 28, who still lives at the house in Cocoyea, said he has been visiting his wife and children every day and it was difficult getting an apartment to rent for his entire family.

Mondesir and the three children are staying by Mondesir's friend in Tarodale, Ste Madeleine, she said.

Baird said his children were " begging a lodging".

Baird, who is a temporary employee of Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA), said many of the rental apartments that he looked at were not in good locations for his children and many owners did not want more than two children in their places.

HDC managing director Jearlean John said she was not fully aware of the situation on Monday but explained that there were many other individuals who had applied for housing and are still on the waiting list.

"I know it is hard, but there are a lot of people. This is a very big organisation and if you did not call me I probably would not even have found out about this," she said.

John requested that Mondesir's information be forwarded to her, which was done.

Anyone willing to assist Mondesir and her family can contact them at 318-7749.