Saturday, February 17, 2018

Mothers taken for granted, says Reema

The level of self-sacrifice exhibited by mothers as they care for their loved ones each and every day is often taken for granted, Reema Carmona, wife of President Anthony Carmona, says.

In her Mother’s Day message yesterday, she said: “Motherhood, however, is more than just a state of being; it is a state of mind.  Many are the examples of persons, some mothers to their own children and others without children, who have stepped into the breach to affirmatively take the place of either absent mothers and fathers in the lives of young people. “ 

She said: “We mothers have no option but to engage our children in the responsible usage of technology.  It has become a critical feature of maternal responsibility that simply did not arise years ago.  The need to address technology is one of greatest urgency because we have all seen its debilitating effect, if not introduced and utilised with the required wisdom, vision and pause.  Mothers today are faced with challenges that their mothers never encountered or envisaged, a world fraught with technology gone rampant.  We therefore need to become technologically savvy.”  

Mothers do play a defining role in the lives of their sons and daughters by the guidance they proffer and the values they inculcate in them, she said.

“We need to be firm and a little more strident with our children, especially our boys, teaching them the importance of responsibility, integrity and accountability.”

“We must also be firm in teaching our girls to respect themselves, to be wary of the stumbling blocks that bar their expectations and ambitions and the benefits of maintaining their self-respect, holistically building their self-esteem and a positive value system that will support them in the future. In this regard, the creation of ‘forced-ripe’ children is still ill advised and this we must guard against,” she added.

She said when it was observed how women and children are treated throughout the world, “it is apparent that men are often responsible for the systemic and systematic ill treatment and violence against women and children”.  

“We mothers therefore need to address the value system and the standards of conduct of our young men. We mothers do have a great influence on our sons but are we doing sufficiently enough to direct, guide and mould them properly and if not, why not?” she asked.