Sunday, February 25, 2018

Mr Vegas teams up with Dil-e-Nadan


steps into chutney soca: Mr Vegas

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Jamaican dancehall singer Mr Vegas (Clifford Smith) has stepped into the chutney soca arena in a collaboration with local entertainer Raymond Ramnarine.

The duo have teamed up in a remix of Ramnarine's 2013 chutney soca song "I aint marriding no more." Ramnarine is leader of local band Dil-e-Nadan.

Dil-e-Nadan band manager Richard Ramnarine said, "I was scouting to find someone who can jump in on the tune and I found that it sounding like Vegas. I contacted his management and sent the song and they loved it. They took the song and went into the studio. Vegas didn't want to change the song to sound dancehall, he wanted to keep the chutney element. This was his first ever shot at a chutney song".

Mr Vegas found fame in 1998 with hits such as "Yu Sure", "Jack It Up" and "Latest News."

His creation "Nike Air" became a huge hit in Jamaica, followed by his single "Heads High" among others.

In 2006, Mr Vegas did a soca collaboration with Machel Montano, "Dance With You".

And two years later, he recorded "On The Floor" with Destra Garcia.

Mr Vegas' remix with Raymond Ramnarine is being played on the airwaves of Indian and non-Indian radio stations, the Express was told.

"I am pleased with the response this remix has been getting. The fans love it and that's my main objective," Ramnarine said.

The chutney song was written by Raymond Ramnarine and produced at Bakyard Studios, headed by his younger brother, Richard.

"It is sweet melody, original lyrics. It is a song of a guy who remembers his life before getting married. He remembers the roses, chocolates, movies and then when he gets married his wife has him under lockdown. He can't even chill with his friends, she nagging him all day," he said.

Ramnarine will compete for a place in the finals of the 2013 Lotto Plus Chutney Soca Monarch at the semi-final round of the competition on Saturday.

The semi final takes place at Rise carpark in Chaguanas, where 40 chutney artistes will battle.

Fifteen singers will be selected for the finals, which take place at Skinner Park, San Fernando on January 26.

Ramnarine has returned to the competition after a 13-year break.

"And at that time I felt as if competitions weren't meant for me. Many people have asked me to enter over the years, but only now I decided to answer the fans," he said.