Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Munro: We have nothing to hide

Chairman of the Caribbean Prestige Foundation, William Munro says he has no problem allowing anyone to examine the foundation's audited financial accounts.

The founder of the International Soca Monarch competition was responding to statements yesterday by Multiculturalism Minister Dr Lincoln Douglas that the government will decide how much it will contribute to this year's Soca Monarch Competition after it receives the audited accounts from CPF.

Three government ministries have been advertised as partnering with the Caribbean Prestige Foundation (CPF) in support of the competition-the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Education.

Douglas told the Express yesterday in a phone interview that he was coordinating the contributions of the various government ministries toward this year's Soca Monarch competition.

"I have been meeting with the various ministries to come up with a total contribution on behalf of the State," Douglas said.

This, he said, should be finalised within the next few days.

However, before this is done, CPF will have to hand over audited accounts showing how State funds were used in previous years.

"All organisations that receive money from the State over a certain amount have been asked and will be asked to submit audited accounts," he said.

Douglas said he was not sure if Government had already received audited accounts from CPF

"I am meeting with the chairman of Caribbean Prestige Foundation (William Munro) and will be going over those things with him pretty soon," he added.

Munro, speaking to the Express by phone yesterday welcomed Douglas seeing the books, saying, "CPF has no fear about showing our audited books, we are legitimate and straightforward. Even if it is 25 cents, it is properly audited, we have nothing to hide."