Saturday, February 24, 2018

Murder 196

....Lawrence Doyle the latest to be gunned down

A 23-year-old man became this country's 196th murder victim after he was shot to death on Thursday night. For the same period last year the figure was 165.

According to police reports, at about 9.20 p.m. Lawrence Doyle, 23, of KP Lands, Valencia, was liming with two friends, Shakeel Sam, 20, and Akeem Riley, 16, both of Bertrand Street, Valencia, near their home when they observed two men emerging from a nearby drain.

The two assailants, police said, were both armed with firearms and after a brief exchange of words with the group, the men opened fire.

The three friends scampered in an attempt to avoid the hail of bullets but they were unsuccessful.

Doyle was hit in the upper torso, Sam was hit in the chest and Riley received gunshot injuries to his feet.

Doyle, police said, managed to run a short distance away before collapsing on the ground. He died shortly thereafter. The two attackers then fled the scene on foot.

Residents of the area soon came to check the source of the commotion and they found the three young men covered in blood on the roadway.

The police and emergency health services were notified and both Sam and Riley were rushed to the Sangre Grande District Health Facility.

Officers of the Homicide Bureau of Investigations were then notified and crime scene officials visited the scene and recovered several spent shells.