Sunday, February 18, 2018

Murder case postponed to Feb 14

Calypsonian's son killed

THE first man to be charged with murder for the year so far made his appearance in the Port of Spain Magistrates' Court yesterday.

Courtney Joseph, 22, appeared before Chief Magistrate Marcia Ayers-Caesar in the Eighth Court charged with the murder of Marcus John, the son of calypsonian Mark "Contender" John.

Joseph also appeared before two other magistrates after he was found to be wanted on two outstanding warrants.

He first appeared before Magistrate Melvin Daniel in the Fourth (B) Court on a warrant in connection with possession of arms and ammunition, and later before Magistrate Christine Charles on a warrant for assault.

Joseph, of Upper Abbe Poujade Street, Scorpion Alley, Carenage, is accused of murdering John and attempting to murder Kevin Morris at Upper Haig Street, Carenage, on December 19 last year.

Joseph is to reappear in court on February 14.