Thursday, December 14, 2017

‘My wife never had LifeSport contract’

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sport Ashwin Creed yesterday denied through his attorney Ravi Rajkumar that his wife or any member of his family ever got a contract under LifeSport.

Creed was granted an opportunity of reply by Senate president Timothy Hamel-Smith to refute allegations made against him two weeks ago during the debate on the Finance (Supplementation and Variation) Bill. Unlike previous letters of this nature, the letter was not written by the injured party, but by a lawyer, claiming to represent the injured party. 

Rajkumar in a letter referred to an article published in the Express on Wednesday July 2, 2014, on Page 7 which reported People’s National Movement Senator Faris Al-Rawi as having stated that Creed’s wife was the recipient of a contract from the LifeSport programme to provide daily lunches. 

“I am instructed that this averment is entirely false. My client’s wife and in fact, no member of my client’s family, are the recipients of any contracts, of any form or type under the LifeSport programme. Therefore I ask that this letter and my client’s denial be read into Hansard,” the letter stated.

Copies of the letter were also sent to House Speaker Wade Mark and Al-Rawi. It is understood that most of the contents of the three-page letter were not read. 

Al-Rawi had stated a $6.75-million contract was granted to the wife of the permanent secretary.