Saturday, February 24, 2018


Safety concerns force closure of several facilities


Mark Fraser

Port of Spain

ISLANDPEOPLE has had to postpone its 2015 Carnival band launch scheduled for next Friday at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) in Port of Spain as the venue has been closed.

IslandPeople public general manager Colin Greaves said yesterday he was told Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspectors were not pleased with the quality of air, badly secured lighting fixtures, shattered glass panes around the building and other concerns. Greaves said the band was told yesterday the auditorium had failed its OSHA test and it has been closed until repairs are completed.

Greaves said the band had prepared a two-hour-long show for the launch of its 2015 presentation, titled Celebrate, which is part two of the trilogy The Whole launched last year at NAPA. The show, he said, had been developed with the use of the props at NAPA in mind. He said the presenta­tion was also intended to showcase the tenth anniversary of IslandPeople. Greaves said the band is now searching for an appropriate venue for the presentation, which involves a rhythm section, spoken-word presen­tations, a video presentation, choreography, models and dancers.

He added IslandPeople had a “fantastic” relationship with NAPA staff who had been very supportive of their mas productions.

Greaves said, “Over 70 mod­els are now on hold as we

seek to find a venue appropriate for the presentation. We have begun calling other venues to see which can best fit the requirement.”

IslandPeople bandleader Derek Lewis said the band would find an alternative venue for the launch.

“We await the outcome and we stay very ready to execute. We, as an organisation, are very resilient and able to adapt to situations. That is what Carnival is. We will find a way to adapt and use the collective energy of the team to create something for a space.”