Saturday, December 16, 2017

NAR, ILP form alliance

The National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR) has formed an alliance with the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) to contest the 2015 general election.

NAR political leader Dr Carson Charles said yesterday the NAR has not gone anywhere but it was not the power it used to be and is in the process of rebuilding.

“We’re rebuilding the NAR...we’re inviting anybody who wants to associate with these efforts. If the ILP wants to take up the offer that’s very welcome,” said Charles.

ILP political leader Lyndira Oudit said an alliance with the NAR was officially formed last November and since then both parties have joined forces and shared platforms at cottage meetings around the country.

The NAR has a history of alliances. In 1986, the NAR was formed by a coalition of former members from the PNM, ULF and ONR.

In 1996, the NAR teamed up again with the UNC to defeat the PNM in the national election.

The ILP, formed last year by former UNC chairman and Government minister Jack Warner, is now led by Oudit, who said the party was open to uniting with all groups and parties which share the ILP’s vision for a better country.