Wednesday, January 24, 2018

NCBA meets with concerned masmen over C2K13 shake-up

Chairman of the National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA), David Lopez, yesterday, addressed the concerns of members of the mas fraternity during a news conference at NCBA head office in Woodbrook.

Lopez aimed to quell the concerns of bandleaders who may be disenchanted with 2013 changes to the Carnival landscape, which include pulling the King and Queen competition out of the Dimanche Gras show with a new event called Big Friday to be held on Carnival Friday and changes in the parade route of the bands.

Lopez said a definite position on the route has not been decided as yet, however the views of the mas fraternity are priority.

"We have put on the table that we would like to see the route moving in a clockwise position. However there are some concerns from some about the wind factor and we are taking that into consideration. We have already contacted the meteorologist office for their views and we are working with all the stakeholders," Lopez said," said.

On Thursday some members of the mas fraternity lamented that Carnival stakeholders made alterations to the parade route without their input.  But Lopez however asserted that meetings were held beforehand and those who were in attendance agreed to the 2013 changes.

Lopez said if the majority is comfortable with the customary route, based on advice from the police and Mayor Louis Lee Sing and further consultations with the National Carnival Commission (NCC) and the NCBA, a decision will be made.

Meanwhile, relating to the hosting of separate shows for mas and calypso, Lopez said following previous meetings various mas producers was in favour of the NCBA doing its own show.