Tuesday, February 20, 2018

...NGC expected to submit report today

The National Gas Company (NGC) is expected to submit a report today to Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine on how it awarded a US$160,755,329 contract to a consortium, which includes Super Industrial Services (SIS), to construct the Beetham Water Recycling Plant.

Yesterday Ramnarine met with NGC’s president, Indar Maharaj, vice-chairman, Gordon Ramjattan, and vice-president of human and corporate relations, Cassandra Sylvester, to discuss the matter.

The NGC was expected to submit a report by 4 p.m. yesterday.

However, it asked for an overnight extension.

The NGC’s decision to award the billion-dollar contract to a consortium of Foster Wheeler, SIS and Hyflux has come under criticism by Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley.

The consortium was one of two entities that submitted a bid for the Design & Build and Operation & Maintenance of the Beetham Water Recycling Plant together with the associated Pipelines and Water Storage Facilities. Its bid was US$65,530,686 more than competitor Atlatec’s bid of US$95,224,643, and more than the NGC’s own estimate for the project at US$149,999,000.

Yesterday, a joint advertisement from NGC and the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) said the eight-stage procurement process was “crystal clear with every measure” and the two State enterprises have ensured transparency in the tendering process.

The company outlined the procurement process, which noted that detailed evaluation methodology was developed by KPMG in July 2013 and adopted by NGC.

It noted that tender was closed 14 weeks after the RFP was published and two bids were received.

Evaluations were conducted on December 16 and were completed on February 14 and submitted to the NGC board for approval.

The contract was executed to the SIS consortium on March 10.

The NGC president is also the chairman of WASA. The project began as a WASA initiative, but moved to NGC because WASA did not have the money to pursue it. The NGC is funding the project.