Friday, February 23, 2018

New homeless shelter in San Fernando


tracing families: Dr Navi Muradali

Mark Fraser

SAN FERNANDO street dwellers in need of  a hot meal at nighttime and a  bed can now spend the nights at Court Shamrock.

On Monday, San Fernando  Mayor Dr Navi Muradali officially opened an overnight shelter for the homeless  at Court Shamrock, a centre for the socially displaced at Independence Avenue.

The facility is equipped with 16 cots. Muradali said several persons showed up on Monday night and were given a shower, shave and haircut.

He appealed to citizens to donate food and water to the facility. Over the past two weeks, San Fernando Mayor Dr Navi Muradali and other city council members have been visiting the street dwellers to help them get rehabilitated back into society. 

Five homeless persons in San Fernando have been already  reunited with their families with help from the San Fernando City Corporation.

Muradali said: “We have decided that our first strategy to deal with homelessness is to conduct contact tracing. We are trying to find the families and friends of the homeless within their communities. Where that fails, we are trying to help the homeless get relocated to Court Shamrock, St Vincent de Paul and other homes that would take other persons in.”

The Corporation will continue to do contact tracing  and “we also want to ensure that the facilities and the homes within the city are up to standard so that the homeless could be accommodated there,” the Mayor said.

Muradali said anyone willing to give donations can call Court Shamrock at 653-7239.