Friday, January 19, 2018

New point system to grade police officers


A new point system to motivate and reward officers of the T&T Police Service for commendable performances is expected to be introduced in the Northern Division in the near future. So said Northern Division Divisional Commander Senior Superintendent David Abraham on Saturday during a commendation ceremony for officers of his Division at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya.

“Right now, there is an initiative which is being undertaken by Sgt Waldropt, which is essentially a point system to recognise the work of the officers in our Division. This system will be introduced in the La Horquetta area first, before being rolled out to the other police stations in the divisions, and then hopefully, with the approval of the (acting) Police Commissioner (Stephen Williams), it will spread to the other divisions in the country.

“This point system is a motivating factor for our officers, especially those on patrols, and we will be issuing points based on different successful endeavours. For example, let’s say you recover a firearm, you will receive 100 points to your name, make an arrest for possession of cocaine that would be 25 points, and possession of marijuana that will be 15 points and so on.

We don’t want to reveal too much at this point, but basically it will all add up in the end and there will be appropriate commendation for jobs well done,” Abraham explained. The Senior Superintendent also revealed that his Division had also engaged in a “door to door” policing experiment, which began in the Carapo community, with the intention to expand throughout the jurisdiction in areas such as Maloney and Arima.

“We also did a door to door policing experiment in the Carapo area. First of its kind in the country. This resulted in a better relationship with the citizens in the area and a reduction of crime in the Carapo area. The area is still a hotspot, but the relationship with the public and the police has improved drastically and there has been a correlating decrease in the number of serious reported crimes since the initiative was introduced. So we hope to also expand this initiative in the near future,” Abraham said.