Thursday, January 18, 2018

Newcomer Colorz cops Medium Band title

It was their maiden year but that didn't stop medium mas band Colorz Fuh So from winning the 2013 Medium Band of the Year title.

Bandleader Mike Johnson said yesterday the win was more than just a boost to the band's confidence. "It's a sign of greater things to come," he said.

The band presented nine sections of The Conquest to earn 2,059 points for 1st place, while Whee International scored 1,400 in 2nd place and Sobeit 1,262 points in 3rd place.

Johnson said his band had a clear strategy for success which worked.

"We are elated to have won. Colorz Fuh So started out with a number of people who were part of other bands and when we came together we wanted to produce a medium band which will provide quality service and costumes at a reasonable price; we knew once we could succeed at that we could win band of the year. We set out our objectives and we were successful. Our executive team consists of four persons but the production team consists of over 20 people. We worked together night and day diligently to ensure that quality costumes were produced on time," Johnson said.

The bandleader said that his mas band was not in the business of importing costumes.

"Most of the bands these days are commercial bands; they buy and sell costumes. We produce our own costumes in-house; we do not import any part of the costume; we only import raw materials. But most of our materials are purchased locally, the reason we import is to avoid people reproducing our costumes," he said. 

Johnson saluted bandleader Brian MacFarlane for his success over the years. He said MacFarlane's exit from the Carnival landscape was a sad day for Carnival in this country.

"MacFarlane has consistently produced quality mas. He has contributed significantly to TT Carnival and he will be missed," Johnson said.

Colorz Fuh So committee members also said they hoped the win would serve as an incentive to potential masqueraders to register with the band in the future. Johnson already has a number of plans in store for next year.

He said 2014 would be something in the historical category.