Sunday, February 18, 2018

Nicole still missing

...3 months later

Nicole jaggan

Today makes it three months since teenager Nicole Jaggan disappeared without a trace. And her parents still believe she will be found alive and well.

Her family held monthly prayer meetongs at their home, seeking divine intervention in the search for the missing teen.

Her mother, Viki Bhagwandass-Jaggan, found a glimmer of hope last month. "I was getting calls in the middle of the night from an international number. Every time I answer the phone, it will go dead. It happened several times at midnight and 3a.m. I had some hope, thinking it was Nicole calling for help," she said.

The information was handed over to police and is being investigated, the Express was told.

Bhagwandass-Jaggan recalled how her stomach churned on the morning of March 20, when her daughter celebrated her 19th birthday.

"I woke up that day with a boiling belly. I would have bought a cheesecake for her. Her father would have given her money and gold. And we would have gone out as a family. We held a crusade, begging God for guidance. Mothers' Day was also a painful day for me," she said.

Bhagwandass-Jaggan said her family has received no information on her daughter's whereabouts. "The police came on Friday and said they have no leads, but they are still searching," she said.

Bhagwandass-Jaggan said her husband has returned to work as a farmer and market vendor. She remains at home waiting for the teen to return.

"I sit by the window, waiting. I wake up in the night and run outside hoping I will see her walking in. But nothing. I can't take this anymore. It is the most painful thing I ever experienced. We checked every avenue. We checked friends, relatives, everyone. No one has seen Nicole," she said.

Bhagwandass-Jaggan said her three younger children are no longer allowed to go out by themselves. "We are afraid someone will take them," she said.

Jaggan of Suchit Trace, Penal was last seen on February 10 when she was dropped off by her mother near their home to get a taxi.

The teenager was dressed in a red jacket, blue jeans--the uniform she wore as a student of a beauty school on High Street, San Fernando.

She began travelling to San Fernando on her own only three weeks before. Jaggan's family contacted all of her friends on Facebook and on the telephone, but no one said they had been in contact with her.

Her family and friends have handed out missing persons flyers across the country.

Penal police and the Anti-Kidnapping Squad have been working with the family since she went missing.

Officers said yesterday there are no new leads in the case.

Anyone with information can contact Penal Police Station at 647-1233, or the family at 757-3012; 473-3947; or 770-7731.