Tuesday, February 20, 2018

No complaints about losing Panorama

All Stars captain on Band of the Year results:

 Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra’s captain Be­­resford Hunte said yesterday if bandleaders violate the NCBA rules, then they must pay a penalty.

In a telephone interview, he added: “They cannot blame me.  I was not judging. I did not have the show. I followed the rules from beginning to end. We don’t play mas to make a profit. Every single year, for about 50-plus years, we have been playing traditional sailor mas. I used to play mas. Long time ago, pan accompanied masquera­ders on the road. ‘’

Hunte made reference to its second place in the National Panorama championships to Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove, led by Len “Boog­sie” Sharpe. 

Hunte said: “Look, we played for Panorama; I did not complain about the winner (Phase II Pan Groove). I feel we won Pan­orama, too. But I am not complaining. I am not going to any lawyer. We are a disciplined organisation. All Stars’ watchwords are ‘Discipline, Dedication and Mag­nificence in Performance’. We signed a document that the judges’ decision is final.”

Asked how he felt about bandleaders’ plans to sue, he said: “Let us see what the outcome will be. I can talk for All Stars. But they are two-tongued. I have no comment on their plans to sue.”