Wednesday, January 17, 2018

No evidence against them

Fuad Abu Bakr leads peaceful protest:

The two women who were detained on Tuesday night following a police exercise at a Jamaat-al-Muslimeen mosque in Carapo were expected to be released last night.

The Express was reliably informed by sources close to the investigation that the two women had been “aggressively questioned” by several officers and, after careful consideration, a recommendation was given that they be released from custody. And while sources explained that the recommendation was expected to be approved by senior officers in the division, up to press time it could not be confirmed if the order was indeed given. 

Sources told the Express, however, that no such recommendations were made concerning the remaining persons who were detained in the exercise, including LifeSport coordinator Rajaee Ali. 

Ali, sources said, was also expected to be moved yesterday from the Northern Division to a station in the Port of Spain jurisdiction where he is to be further questioned today. 

On Wednesday night, groups of Muslim worshippers, led by Fuad Abu Bakr, son of Jamaat-al-Muslimeen leader Yasin Abu Bakr, made their way to three police stations to protest against “the illegal detention” of their brothers and sisters. 

The group, which comprised about 30 people, made their way to the La Horquetta Police Station at about 9 p.m. where they had a conversation with senior officers at the station.

After they were informed that no one would be allowed to see the detained persons, the group of Muslim men and women settled down, said a prayer for their detained loved ones and, according to police sources, yelled “Allahu Akbar!” before leaving the police station. 

The group then made their way to the Arima Police Station where they repeated the action, before making their way to the Arouca Police Station. 

The group did all this under the watchful eye of heavily armed officers of the Northern Division with assistance from officials of the T&T Defence Force, and their “peaceful protests” were incident free, according to police. 

Speaking on i95.5 yesterday, Fuad Abu Bakr confirmed he was part of a group that staged a “peaceful demonstration” outside of the police stations on Wednesday night against the “illegal detention” of his brothers and sisters.

“We are calling action taken by security forces against these men and women on Tuesday illegal. The police have no evidence against the majority of persons they held and whatever evidence they do have on about three or four persons, is only for petty offences on warrants. Therefore, everyone other than these persons should be released. 

“With this in mind we went to the La Horquetta Police Station to express our dissatisfaction with the actions of the officers and we hoped to stage a peaceful protest.  When we arrived we spoke to a senior office there and what he indicated to us was that he had been directed to continue the detention. 

“In light of this we said prayers for the men and women detained, before taking our exit,” Fuad Abu Bakr explained.