Friday, February 23, 2018

No security at HDC apartment in Edinburgh

The Housing Development Corporation (HDC) apartment complex in Chaguanas, where the skeletal remains of a man were found last week Sunday, has not had a security service since October last year.

HDC corporate communications manager Maurisa Findlay said the security contract expired last October.

ďAnd we are in the process of replacing the security service at this point,Ē Findlay said last Monday.

The skeletal remains were found slumped in the bathroom at the HDC apartment at Block 14, Edinburgh 500.

The discovery was made by an HDC technician, conducting routine maintenance work at the building. The corpse was clad in a striped T-shirt, blue jeans and a pair of Nike sneakers.

Police believe the remains were in the apartment for more than a month.

Findlay said the apartments were unoccupied as maintenance work was ongoing. She said the apartments were being prepared to install an electricity supply.

Police are seeking the publicís assistance in identifying the skeletal remains.

Senior police officers said samples would also be taken from the remains for DNA testing.

Investigators have also asked for relatives of missing persons to contact Chaguanas Police