Monday, January 22, 2018

‘No support from AG’

 the timely and effective support of the Honourable AG”.

“At the same time there was a release in the same paper on another aspect of the work of the Ministry of the AG, namely extradition, in which the Honourable AG is quoted,” she said.

“It is my recommendation that the circumstances outlined above should be the subject of investigation by the Inspector of Prisons, the Law Association and the Police Service,” she stated.

 The Sunday Express understands the letter was forwarded by Persad-Bissessar to Ramlogan.

Contacted for comment yesterday via e-mail and text, Persad-Bissessar texted: “Kindly communicate with the AG.”

The Sunday Express obtained an unsigned follow-up letter by the Donaldson-Honeywell to Persad-Bissessar, dated October 22, 2013.

“As it relates to the need for investigation generally into prison litigation practices two specific incidents were referred to in the August 30 report. These matters have been presented to the relevant authorities namely the Court and the Commissioner of Prisons.   The references to the said issues in the letter served however,  to highlight to your attention the fact that the one-sided picture of “bad turnkeys” illustrated in media reports (including the last such reports in August 2013)does not adequately reflect all circumstances that could lead to adverse results against prison officers in assault and battery cases. 

“Accordingly, it is submitted that there is need for the type of investigation that would include not only interviews with Defence Attorneys but would also take into account the views of State Attorneys and Prison Officers. 

“Further to discussion with the Hon Attorney General it was clarified that, as noted in my letter dated August 30, 2013, such an investigation can be undertaken by the Inspector of Prisons and a request will be made to him accordingly,” it said.