Friday, February 23, 2018

...‘No wrongdoing in Robbie’s govt’



Mark Fraser

 HE led a government that may have been seen as “tough” but it was never held under the microscope for wrongdoing.

So said former National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR) finance minister, Selby Wilson, as he recalled yesterday his time under the leadership of former party leader and former president of the Republic, Arthur NR Robinson.

A true patriot of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean, Robinson pushed not only for reliable internal governance for his home of Tobago but also for the establishment of the Caribbean Single Market Economy (CSME), Wilson said.

Lessons learned from Robinson have been long-lasting, Wilson said, adding:

“He was a very dignified leader with integrity and personally, I learned a lot from him.”

It was due to the leadership positions adopted by Robinson that the NAR Government was never accused of wrongdoing, Wilson said.

While the actual funeral date and service arrangements for Robinson, who died Wednesday after being hospitalised for close to a month, are still to be announced, Wilson said he hopes to be able to attend to pay his respects.

Another former minister under the NAR and Robinson’s leadership, Jennifer Johnson, also paid tribute yesterday, calling “special” for his spirit of democracy.

“We will miss the extremely high level of ethics and principle that he displayed at all times,” Johnson said.

“We are grateful for his service to the country.”

Johnson said Robinson’s first concern was always for the welfare of the country and it was this that led to his bravery in standing up to the Jamaat al-Muslimeen during that religious faction’s attempted coup in 1990. —Kim Boodram