Sunday, February 18, 2018

No Christmas joy for Sasha's family


Dies after giving birth: Sasha Lysa Ali-Bisnath

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Sasha Lysa Ali-Bisnath will not be able to see the joy on her daughter's face when she opens her Christmas present this morning.

The shiny red car she bought for two-year-old Solare was already wrapped and hidden under the Christmas tree. She had also already placed clothing for her newborn baby girl, Siara, under the tree.

Ali-Bisnath had also bought an additional present for her father, who is celebrating his birthday today. That gift was also wrapped and tucked away before she walked out of her home to deliver baby Siara at Gulf View Medical Centre, a private nursing home in Gulf View, La Romaine, last Thursday.

The 28-year-old mother of two never returned to her Orange Field, Carapichaima home.

Ali-Bisnath delivered the baby through a planned Caesarean section operation at the facility. And, following severe complications, she was transferred to San Fernando General Hospital. She died last Friday, a day later.

Baby Siara was discharged from the nursing home on Saturday. She was taken to her grandparents' home at Calcutta No. 3 in Freeport.

Grandmother Leela Ali said the best Christmas she can give her two grand-daughters today is a promise that their days will be filled with endless love.

She said little Siara may never remember the first time her mother cradled her to her bosom, hear her mother's sweet words or feel the warmth only a mother can give to her child, but baby Siara and her sister will always have love and support from their extended families.

An autopsy performed by Dr Hubert Daisley at the San Fernando General Hospital mortuary on Saturday found Ali-Bisnath died as a result of disseminated intra vascular coagulation and bleeding diathesis post C-Section.

Ali said a second autopsy is expected to be performed on her daughter's body.

Ali-Bisnath's relatives are determined to find out what caused her to bleed to death.

"We are being advised by an attorney. We have requested the medical notes from the nursing home and will be pursing the matter," Ali said.

Ali, a mother of two, said she will not rest until her questions are answered.

"She invited her aunt and cousins to come on Boxing Day because the baby would have been six days old. She already fixed up a place for the baby in the corner of the living room for visitors. She was the life of our lives ... her death destroyed our entire family. Whenever there was a gathering, as long as Lysa was there, everyone was happy," she said.

Her husband, Damian Bisnath, was traumatised by his wife's death, the Express was told.

"Lysa was the light of that house. She went in and made it a home. She was loved by everyone. Damian is distraught. She was his life," Ali said.

Friends and relatives will say goodbye to Ali-Bisnath later this week. A Muslim service will take place at her parents' home, followed by a programme remembering her life. Her body will then be taken to Mosquito Creek for cremation.

South West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) chairman Dr Lackram Bodoe said yesterday a preliminary report suggests that staff at San Fernando General Hospital did all within their power and mobilised all resources to keep Ali-Bisnath alive following her transfer.

He said the report was sent to Minister of Health Dr Fuad Khan.

Khan said a thorough investigation will be conducted into Ali-Bisnath's death and if any evidence of negligence is found, action will be taken.