Tuesday, February 20, 2018

No beef with Internet 'cow' parody

Bunji not bothered

"DON'T have a cow!"

This was the reaction of Ian Pantin, manager for soca superstar Ian "Bunji Garlin" Alvarez, in response to the current barrage of videos, memes and other social media tools highlighting a misconception about the opening lines to Garlin's 2013 hit "Differentology".

"Differentology" is Alvarez's tune of choice for the Digicel International Groovy Soca Monarch semi-final scheduled for next Sunday at the Arima Velodrome.

In the opening lines for Differentology" Alvarez sings:

"Look how the sun now raising up and the crowd now waking up".

However when on January 8, the Facebook page of Slam 100.5 FM highlighted what it termed a "Status fail #Differentology style".

On Slam 100.5 FM's Facebook page the picture of a status update of a person named "Flawless HD Douglas" was posted.

It stated, "Look how d sun now raising up and d cow now waking up".

The word "crowd" was mistakenly replaced by the word "cow".

People have since taken to social media making fun of the mistake.

A Facebook fanpage entitled "The COW now waking up!" was created on Thursday.

Up to press time the fanpage had 1254 likes and 1962 people talking about it.

Several internet memes were created also spoofing the "cow" mistake. An Internet meme is a concept that spreads rapidly from person to person via the Internet largely through social networking sites.

There have been several "moosic" videos showing dancing cows and cows brushing their teeth to "Differentology".

On some social media sites the Friday, January 11, edition of the Express was also altered to show the headline "Despite false claims from thousands of fans, Bunji says 'It is cow'.

The unauthorised reproduction fooled many fans.

But despite all that has happened this week, Pantin said the "cow" situation had no effect on Garlin, Differentology or the Asylum family.

Pantin however admitted that the incident has been the talk back stage at many shows he attended over the weekend.

"There is no effect on us with respect to any public relations campaign. I think people who understand the song know that it is not cow but crowd," said Pantin.

"People are playing on the pun of that and it seems very comical and people are laughing about it but it is no big thing really," he said.

Pantin said "Differentology" was popular on its own and was not benefiting from the "cow" going viral.

"I do not see it really helping the song and making it bigger than it already is. I think it is just something that has gone viral," Pantin said.

Pantin said there was no "beef" between Garlin and the creators with the various videos and memes making fun of the "cow" lyric.