Monday, January 22, 2018

No physical harm to either party

Muradali clears air on spat with girlfriend outside mall:

SAN Fernando Mayor Dr Navi Muradali yesterday confirmed he was involved in a quarrel with his girlfriend during which "harsh words" were exchanged outside the Gulf City Mall, San Fernando, last month.

Muradali said reports based on Facebook messages posted by his girlfriend were exaggerated.

Both parties are seeking legal advice, he said.

"In light of the recent reports by the media and on various social media sites concerning an incident which occurred on December 21, 2012, I have decided to clear the air on what can only be described as grossly inaccurate, exaggerated and mischievous reporting on an incident," Muradali said yesterday in a statement that was sent to media houses and also posted on Facebook.

"I wish to confirm that on December 21, 2012, a public disagreement took place between my girlfriend and I while we were exiting the Gulf City Mall. During this disagreement, harsh words were exchanged by both parties as we were entering my private vehicle. This argument continued in the privacy of my vehicle.

"Contrary to the various reports by the media and on social media sites, no physical harm was done to either party."

Muradali said both parties used Facebook to vent their feelings on the issue, but the disagreement has since been resolved.

Apologies have been made to each and their respective families, he said.

"I wish to confirm that neither party made a report to the police authorities in relation to this matter," Muradali said, adding, "It is regrettable that this private matter between us has become public, and it is unfortunate that many have published grossly inaccurate and possibly defamatory accounts of this incident.

"In light of these mischievous reports, both parties have sought legal advice on this issue and can confirm that our respective attorneys have been instructed to pursue legal action on our behalf."

"I take this opportunity to thank friends and families of both parties, and the public at large, for their concern and support during this period. As far we are concerned, this issue is now closed," he said.