Tuesday, February 20, 2018

‘Not all schools with sewer problems stayed closed’

The Ministry of Education has denied that all the schools with sewer problems listed by the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) remained closed when the new school term began on Monday.

In a telephone interview on Tuesday, media relations coordinator at the Ministry of Education Yolanda Morales-Carvalho said TTUTA was confusing the schools that were closed with those that had sewer problems.

“What TTUTA is doing is that they are mixing up the names of the schools that are closed and the names of the schools with sewer problems, which are two different things.

“The Minister of Education through the Education Facilities Company Ltd (EFCL) has always been having repairs and maintenance programmes ongoing. It is not done over the holidays alone. Over the holidays those that are major are done as well as those that are emergency or priority, but we do work every day. EFCL is working every day in many schools across the country. The majo­rity of works are being done after school hours,” she said.

Lower Cumuto Government Primary School had an early dismissal on Monday and no activities yesterday, she said, because the EFCL is working on the sewer problem at the school.

Manzanilla North Secondary, she said, also had some disruption of classes because of roofing problems, but they are being addressed by EFCL.

Morales-Carvalho said the only two schools that were closed were the Barataria RC School and the Malick Secondary School. All the others were early dismissals.

She added Barataria RC School, which was affected by an earthquake, was scheduled to reopen yesterday and it was. “There were no hiccups,” she said.