Thursday, February 22, 2018

Not enough media coverage on issues I’ve tackled

Beckles-Robinson laments:


Rival for PNM top spot: Dr Keith Rowley

Mark Fraser

Pennelope Beckles-Robinson, currently locked in a battle with Dr Keith Rowley for the leadership of the People’s National Movement, has blamed local media for not putting the spotlight on her tackling of national and social issues.

At the Institute for Gender and Development Studies public forum, “Women and Political Power: A Right to Lead”, at the Centre for Learning and Language auditorium at The University of the West Indies, St Augustine, yesterday, Beckles-Robinson—a member of the audience—said people on the ground were accusing her of not dealing with real issues based on the sound bites and news reports of her meetings carried in the electronic and print media.

“Unless the media reports on it, the public would be clueless,” she said.

“I spoke in John John last week on the six things that concern me, including healthcare, unemployment, women’s issues and youth, and nothing was reported.

“All the media reports have been about the banter and mudslinging, not the issues I addressed. I spoke for an hour and 20 minutes last night (Tuesday), and I doubt if they (the media) would put out anything on it.”

Beckles-Robinson said she is now looking at ways to bring her thoughts about the issues of the day to the eyes of the public and hopes to do so before the May 18 internal elections.