Sunday, December 17, 2017

Not so, says PoS hospital chief Ramoutar

Mom 'treated like a dog'...

Judith Ramoutar, chief executive officer (CEO) of the North West Regional Health Authority, said the Port of Spain General Hospital provided good treatment and service to Jonelle Alexander, who claimed she was treated like a dog after her foetus died in her womb.

Ramoutar sent the Express a number of messages that were communicated between herself and the hospital's service manager with respect to Alexander's care.

On December 4, Alexander was rushed to Port of Spain General, where she learnt her eight-and-a- half-month foetus had died.

She described her experience at the hospital as "the worst in her life" as nurses "were not helpful" and "had bad attitudes".

Ramoutar told the Express that she was asked to assist Alexander and, on December 4, she communicated with the hospital's service manager to ensure that Alexander was taken care of.

"Jonelle Alexander in maternity with still-born...admitted this morning, please assist urgently," she stated in her message.

The service manager, throughout the stay, sent a number of messages to Ramoutar giving updates on Alexander's condition.

"She is on ward 302 right now. She is currently having contractions. She is with Unit D and they are making rounds now. Will let them know," stated one of the messages.

"Left Doctor Brafitte consultant Unit D briefing her mother. Dr Chauharja Singh also saw her this morning. Will check with her throughout," stated another.

"Ms Alexander is now on ward 101 delivery ward about 6cm dilated so she may deliver by evening. The nurses gave her petadin for the pain. The evening staff will let me know when she does deliver. Her mom is also on ward 101 and I left my number with her in case she need too. Will keep you posted," stated another message.

The final message informed that Alexander delivered her foetus at 4.58 p.m.

Yesterday, Alexander said she stands by her claims that she was treated like a dog at the hospital.

She added that she was asked by Health Ministry official to submit a full report on what happened.

Alexander said things only started to happen after Ramoutar requested that she be urgently attended to.

"I spent five days at the hospital and it was the worst, everything was horrible from start to finish," she said.

Alexander reiterated that the nurses treated her like a dog and appealed for some action to be taken to improve the manner in which they treat patients.

"People always say it's about who you know, but it shouldn't be like that." said Alexander.

She said she buried her stillborn son last Saturday and will be writing her report for Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan as soon as possible.