Monday, January 22, 2018

OWTU march gets green light

 Acting Commission­er of Police (CoP) Ste­phen Williams has gran­ted approval to the Oilfields Workers Trade Union (OWTU) to host a demonstra­tion and public meeting against the People’s Partnership Gov­ernment tomorrow.

A release from the Po­lice Service pub­lic affairs unit yes­terday sta­ted during the march along the approved route (see box at right), the use of music trucks, rhythm sections, bull horns or mobile public address systems will not be permitted.

The release assured police will be out in their numbers.

Approved route

Gather at Woodford Square (1 p.m.), then proceed west along Knox Street; south along St Vincent Street; east along Independence Square North; north along Abercromby Street; west along Oxford Street; south along St Vincent Street; east along Park Street; south along Frederick Street to Independence Square and gather on the Brian Lara Promenade.