Tuesday, January 16, 2018

OWTU stands by Greenpeace rep

Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union (OWTU) president Ancel Roget said yesterday that as far as his organisation was concerned, Mike Singh was in Trinidad and Tobago on behalf of Greenpeace, the independent global organisation which seeks to protect and conserve the environment.

Unless Greenpeace says differently, Roget said he was not prepared to engage anyone ma­king claims that Singh’s credentials were not legitimate. 

He said Singh had tre­mendous knowledge about the environment and the OWTU would accept assistance from any competent persons on finding solutions to the problems arising out of the oil spill and its impact on La Brea and coastal communities.

Roget said he expec­ted Singh’s presence in today’s march of the Joint Trade Union Movement, “to be of great significance and to create the impact that is desired”.

Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine yesterday called on the OWTU and Roget to clear the air in the public interest in this matter of whether Singh was representing Greenpeace or whether some misrepresentation was taking place.

Told someone (Ravi Ma­­haraj) claimed to have written Greenpeace and was told by Greenpeace there was no Mike Singh on its employment records, Roget said: “I don’t know that we can respond to every claim that those sycophantic people in the UNC make”. 

Asked whether Singh had presented proof of his credentials, Roget said yes. 

“And we are satisfied in terms of his prior engagements on behalf of that international organisation,” he added. 

What the letter states (provided by Ravi Maharaj) 

 “Dear Ravi,

Thank you for your email. We’ve checked our records and Mike Singh is not, and never has been, a Greenpeace employee and does not rep­re­sent Greenpeace in any capacity.

“Greenpeace does not have a representative in Trinidad. Greenpeace has limited resources and cannot be everywhere crimes against the environment are committed. 

“Kind regards, 

Supporter Services, 

Greenpeace International”.