Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Obama's win like WI cricket


DEMOCRAT: Barack Obama

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IT was reminiscent of the 1979 Cricket World Cup.

However, the winning total this time was 270.

This is how Rupert Charles, 63, said he viewed the United States presidential election on Tuesday night.

"To me, Barack Obama was the West Indies, trying to retain his title and Mitt Romney was the mighty England," Charles told the SundayExpress in a telephone interview on Wednesday.

"And in the end, despite all odds, Obama like the West Indies won."

Obama defeated Republican rival Romney to secure a second term as the United States president.

The number 270 was the amount of electoral votes both candidates needed to secure victory.

Charles, as his analogy has probably revealed, is a Trinidad and Tobago national living in the United States.

He voted in the presidential election.

"I voted for Obama...although I may not be happy with all the policies he has implemented, I like the direction he is heading and he deserved a second term."

Charles said he and his family had an election party while watching the results on CNN.

"We were blue (the colour representing the Democrats) but we definitely were not sad when the night was over."

Charles said he and his family made a drinking game out of the election results.

"Every time they said Obama was in the lead we took a shot just to pass the time," he said.

But while Charles was having a "blue time", Linda Watkins, 44, was seeing "red" (the colour of the Republicans).

Watkins, who was born in Trinidad and now lives in New Jersey, was supporting Romney.

"I like Obama, he is very charismatic, but I do not believe in his policies," said Watkins, who is a devout Catholic.

"Obama has shown that he is for gay rights and abortion which are two issues that my religion does not promote.

"It is God's will that Obama won so I cannot be vex, but I just wish people would vote for issues and policies instead of race," she said.

But while Charles and Watkins have differing political alliances, they both believe the main focus for Obama is revamping the United States economy.