Saturday, December 16, 2017

Oil-spill clean-up ‘almost complete’

THE oil-spill clean-up along the coastline in La Brea, caused by multiple spills two months ago, is almost complete.

“The oil-spill clean-up process is almost complete as there were just a few spots beyond the beaches in La Brea to be dealt with. The beaches in La Brea will soon be restored to normalcy,” said an official of State-owned oil company Petrotrin on Tuesday. 

Petrotrin has spent almost $50 million to clean the south-western coastline and concentrated its efforts in La Brea, where much of the spill came ashore last December 17.

Together with foreign experts and local labour, Petrotrin conducted a massive clean-up operation, working around the clock.

However, the affected mangrove will still need additional cleaning, the Express was told.

Oneca Branker-Showers, a resident of Coffee Beach, La Brea, said since Petrotrin pulled out of the area two weeks ago, there has been much improvement, but oil was still in the area.

“There is still a lot of oily debris on the beach. The rocks still have stains and there is still oil in the mangrove. When the tide is high, you see a lot of oil coming up on the water,” she said.

“The heavy scent is gone, but in the night some people still complain of a stifling feeling.”

Branker-Showers said there has been no issue regarding payment to residents who worked in the clean-up operations and all workers were paid for their services. She also said every day, officials from the Institute of Marine Affairs visited the beach, monitoring animals.