Friday, December 15, 2017

Online petition growing daily for Anil’s firing immediately

THE VOICES calling for Anil Roberts to be removed as Sport Minister, amid allegations of impropriety unearthed by a Ministry of Finance audit into the LifeSport programme, are growing.

One platform that has been used by ordinary citizens to make their voices heard in this regard has been an online petition being circulated on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Up to press time, the petition, which is posted on website, had 1,728 supporters.

The petition was star­ted on Friday after Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar laid the audit report into the LifeSport programme in Parliament.

The petition organi­ser is Nicholas Thompson.

It is petitioning President Anthony Carmona to “immediately revoke the ministerial appointment of Anil Roberts”.

“With over 1,000 sig­natures and counting, the Prime Minister is beginning to hear our voice”, a notice from Thompson stated yester­day.

Thompson said the target for yesterday was 2,000 supporters.

“That’s our goal for today, I know we can achieve this! Whether you’re a bus driver, fisherman, teacher, lawyer, doctor or bus­inessman—your voice is equal and it will be heard! The Prime Minister will listen to your voice. Thank you for all the shares, likes and comments. Keep the conversation going on social media. #fireanil #nomorerumshop­minister,” a notice from Thompson stated.

Thompson urged people not to succumb to hype but to only support the petition if they really believed Roberts should be removed.

“Please sign with your real name and city. Do not sign with a nickname, first name only or someone else’s name. Attempts to destabilise this genuine effort will not succeed. Don’t follow the hype, sign because you truly believe that Anil Roberts is unfit for public office. He’s a poor role model for the young people and must be removed from public office immediately,” a notice from Thompson stated.