Saturday, December 16, 2017

Open arms for Montano

Warner welcomes former UNC senator


WIDE POLITICAL DIVIDE: Independent Liberal Party (ILP) member Amarnath Jaggasar, left, and a United National Congress (UNC) supporter try to get their points across to the media during yesterday’s press conference at Green Park, Felicity. —Photos: DAVE PERSAD

Mark Fraser

Interim political leader of the independent Liberal Party (ILP) Jack Warner last night welcomed former United National Congress (UNC) senator Robin Montano as interim chairman of the ILP.

Warner told the Express earlier yesterday that over a week ago Montano, an attorney, was chosen for the post.  

 Speaking last evening at Green Park, Felicity, Chaguanas, Warner thanked Montano for his involvement in the ILP before signalling to his constituents that it was time to begin the healing process in Chaguanas West.

As for corruption allegations against him, Warner reminded the Prime Minister and the Attorney General, whom he described as  “excellent lawyers who deservedly conferred silk upon themselves which promoted them to the level of Senior Counsel,” that according to the Constitution and the criminal justice system “even a murderer is innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers”.

 He told supporters that when both high office holders “conveniently sidestep” the Constitution and demand that he prove his innocence because they have ruled him guilty  then they were setting a dangerous precedent.

“Are they going to abandon the rule of law next?  If we don’t send a strong message of rejection to the politics being practised by the Ameen camp we may very well find that we will wake up one morning and find that we have no rights in this country,” he warned.

He also added that tonight while UNC’s  Bollywood sensation Kumar Sanu will be performing as part of their grandiose plan, his camp will be praying. 

 I can assure you that on Saturday, (today) during their big fete and more fete they will try to provide you with some grandiose plan in a last minute ditch to correct the non-campaigning and mud-slinging which have been a feature of their politics.

“And while they feteing and wining and dining and having a concert featuring big time international artiste, we in Chaguanas West will be in in a Hindu Mandir, less than one mile away, in prayer and worship.”

According to Warner, the UNC’s menu of “dirty tricks” for tomorrow  also includes  a “poll” in a Sunday newspaper, paid to show his political rival Khadijah Ameen  ahead in the polls.