Sunday, February 18, 2018

...Opposition calls for ‘transparency’

 Prof Ken Julien. In that case the judge found in favour of the former University of Trinidad and Tobago Chairman, Prof Julien against the Express newspaper, and give one of the highest libel judgments ever awarded in this country for over $500,000. The campaign against Prof Julien, a State Board official, was one of the highlights of the then United National Congress campaign, and subsequently the People’s Partnership, in its quest to win government. It had the witting or unwitting support of key members of the Express newspaper.

In his April 2, 2014 judgment, the learned judge Devindra Rampersad found:

“It is highly probable that the claimant and his family would have suffered humiliation and would have become the brunt of negative remarks and comment out of what was termed to be an ‘investigative’ series in one of the leading daily newspapers in T&T which would have carried a high degree of weight in the mind of an ordinary person.”

 He also noted of the Express reporting: “This does not reflect responsible journalism but, rather what one might expect from a sensational tabloid writer…”

 We are seeing a tendency of the Express to operate along the same vein, as we approach another general election. While the courts are always a remedy for those injured by a newspaper, there is no reward that a court can make to counteract the manipulation of public opinion by a newspaper, to produce a desired outcome in a general election. You would also be aware that the Express has recently retained, as a columnist, a card carrying member of the United National Congress (one of the partners of the ruling coalition), who is part of his party’s strategy team. He has been awarded a weekly column in which he attacks the PNM Political Leader as part of what has been revealed recently, to be a PP General Election strategy.

 What is dishonest about this is that he was advertised as an independent columnist writing “from a distance” and, although he has since been unmasked as  a member of that party’s strategy team he continues to be afforded the opportunity to attack the PNM. It should be noted that the PNM has not been afforded a similar opportunity of a having a columnist advance the party’s position in the Express newspaper.

It is clear, from these incidents outlined above, and from the several letters attached in which I have personally complained of the Express editorials bias to no avail, that your newspaper has taken a position hostile to the PNM. I am also aware, that historically, the leading personalities of the CCN Group, including the founder Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive, have  generally found support in Political Parties that are opposed to the PNM. This too is allowed under the constitutional guarantees of freedom of the press and freedom of association. We simply wish to alert you that, although we would have wished to see the Express as an unbiased journalistic enterprise, the PNM will defend the right of your newspaper to take any editorial position that it sees fit.

 We only ask that the OCM Group and the Express Newspaper, as an exercise in transparency, alert the population to what seems a clearly entrenched position.



Ashton Ford


cc.:         Dawn Thomas, 

Chief Executive Officer, OCM

                Shida Bolia (sic), 

Chief Executive Officer, CCN

                Omatie Lyder, 

Editor-in-Chief, Trinidad Express.