Saturday, December 16, 2017

Organisers apologise to Fay-Ann and Bunji

 The organisers of Tobago Jazz Experience 2014 have apologised to patrons and soca star Bunji Garlin, his wife Fay-Ann Lyons and their band, the Asylum Vikings, after the band withdrew from World Music Night just hours before the show at Pigeon Point on Friday.

The Tobago House of Assembly’s Division of Tourism and Transportation (DOTT), which has been organising and hosting the annual event, said it regretted that the band was not part of the Experience.

Garlin, Fay-Ann and the Asylum Vikings had requested to stay at the Magdalena Grand Hotel, but it had no space available. 

Grafton Beach Resort was agreed upon by the band and the organisers but, due to miscommunication, insufficient rooms were booked at Grafton.

 The organisers claimed they rectified the situation, meeting the demands of the band, but Garlin and crew decided to leave Tobago before the concert.