Friday, February 23, 2018

Origin of video still being sought

Woman beats boy with shovel

 Investigations are continuing into the origin of a video which was shared on various social media sites on Thursday, in which a woman was shown using a shovel to beat a boy about his body. 

When contacted on Friday, public information officer for the T&T Police Service Inspector Wayne Mystar explained that the state of enquiries remained unchanged, and it was reiterated that anyone with information on the video or knew the people involved to contact the police as soon as possible.

The video, which is four minutes, 37 seconds long, depicts an older woman, dressed in blue jeans and white jersey with black stripes, hitting a child with a shovel about his body as he lies on the ground screaming for the ordeal to be over. 

Two toddlers were seen looking on as the woman hit the boy about his chest and head.

In the video, the boy picks up a chair to try to defend himself as the woman violently swings the shovel to hit him. The woman also repeatedly hurled obscenities at the child, cursing him as he tried to defend himself.

Police sources reiterated that the Cyber Crime Unit was actively pursuing enquiries, however, it was also emphasised that until they can determine the source of the first upload, it was difficult to determine where the incident took place, or even if it happened in this country.