Thursday, February 22, 2018

Orville: Reshuffle in the works for THA

‘More projects should be finished’

A reshuffle of secretaries and assistant secretaries of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) is on the cards.

 THA Chief Secretary Orville London when questioned by reporters on Wednesday said there are some issues to treat with and all of Tobago is aware of this. 

“Those issues will have to be treated and they will be in due course. So all I can tell you is that the status quo will not remain indefinitely,” London said. 

One contentious issue in the assembly during 2012 was the consultancy services of former finance secretary Dr An­selm London.

 London could not give a particular date when the announcement would be made to these new changes or any time­lines but stressed he will make the pronouncement in due course. He remains disappointed more was not done by the People’s National Move­ment-led (PNM) administration in the first year of the new assembly.

“After a year, I think I have mixed feelings. I think we have achieved a lot in the year, but I think that there are deliverables which I expected that we would have been able to give to the people at the beginning of the year which we have not done.” 

Speaking at the week-

­ly media briefing in Tobago, London said while he is heartened by what has been achieved, a lot more could have been done for the people of Tobago.

He said at Wednesday’s executive council meeting with secretaries in the THA, there was discussion on what could have been done, what was done and the way forward. He said at this time, he is in an introspective mood. 

“The deliverables were looked at and those that did not materialise, what could be done and adjusted was looked at. We looked at those areas, what challenges we had, why certain of those deli­verables did not materialise and, of course, how we can adjust our strategies to ensure that happens,” London said.

Despite these shortco­mings, London noted even in a 12-nil situation, he does not think Toba­go­nians feel disadvantaged. 

“I do not think the democratic process has been undermined by us. I believe the quality of life has been maintained despite the financial chal­lenges. 

“I believe a large num­ber of projects have been delivered, but I’m also aware that there are certain deliverables which we were not provi­ded to the people of Tobago, which we should have.” He said there needs to be an examination of the process as to why.

 “We have to examine why that happened and do whatever is necessary to ensure that the next phase of delivery is even more effective than the last,” he said.

He however made it clear, while the represen­tative for Roxborough/ Delaford, Hilton Sandy, continues to recover from a stroke, there would be no by-election in his electoral district. Education Secretary Gary Melville is assisting, along with London, to meet the needs of the Roxborough/Delaford dis­trict.