Monday, February 19, 2018

PCA probes abduction, assault claims

THE Police Complaints Authority (PCA) is investigating the claims made by 28-year-old Clint Attong that he was abducted and beaten by police officers a year ago.

However, the PCA, in a press release issued yesterday, stated that Attong did not contact the Authority until last month and agreed to give a statement only last Friday.

PCA director Gillian Lucky said she was disappointed that Attong accused the Authority of only giving "sweet words of comfort".

Attong had said he went to the PCA's office in San Fernando on November 14, 2011, three days after he was allegedly beaten. He claimed the PCA only acknowledged receipt of his complaint in October.

However, Lucky said: "First of all we do not have a PCA office in San Fernando, our office is in Port of Spain. Attong made the report to the Police Complaints Division, which belongs to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. He complained to us on October, 8, 2012. The PCA acknowledged receipt of his report three days later."

The Police Complaints Division is not related to the independent work of the PCA, she said.

Lucky said Attong's file was sent to the investigations department of the PCA.

"An investigator was assigned and Attong is aware that the investigation into his allegation is being conducted."

Lucky said the officer assigned to Attong's case contacted him regularly.

"But he only gave a statement on Friday," she said.

Attong, a safety consultant, told the Express at the weekend that he made a complaint at the PCA's office in San Fernando last year.

He alleged that he was abducted at a bar in Rio Claro and taken to Mayaro Police Station, where he was beaten by police officers.

Attong claimed he was threatened to sign a statement. Lucky said an objective assessment of the chronological details of this complaint will illustrate the PCA's prompt response to Attong.