Sunday, February 18, 2018

PM mourns death of Brigadier Maunday

...military funeral on Monday

The Office of the Prime Minister today issued a statement on the death of former Brigadier General Roland Maunday, who died from a heart attack on Wednesday. A military funeral for Maunday will be held on Monday. The follow is the statement of the Office of the Prime Minister -

It was with deep sadness that I learned of the passing of Brigadier General Roland Maunday who died at the age of 57.

It was just a few days ago, I saw Brigadier Maunday standing proudly with other retired Chiefs of Defence Staff for the funeral services of his former Commander in Chief and Prime Minister Mr Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson. And it came as a great shock having seen him so ably salute our former President in a final tribute as pall bearer.

Brigadier General Maunday participated in the two funeral processions - in Trinidad and Tobago - for Mr Robinson. Up until Sunday morning when he separated from his peers, he showed no visible sign of illness or discomfort, and this perhaps best tells the story of a man, a soldier, who stood tall and strong to the end.

Brigadier General Maunday was a livewire in the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force - a consummate soldier who always sought the best interest of his juniors and indeed his country.

Indeed, he was one of our defence staff who remained loyally committed to the defence force from his enrolment in June of 1978, and even after playing a leading role in the attempted coup of 1990, where he also stood united with the then Prime Minister, Mr Robinson, to secure our country’s liberty and future.

He rose through the ranks and became Chief of Defence Staff on November 6, 2011, after serving as Defence Attaché at the Trinidad and Tobago Embassy in Washington DC.

His awards and medals include the Efficiency Medal, the Long Service Medal and the Medal commemorating his service during the attempted coup in 1990. Additionally he received the Inter American Defence Board medal for his participation with the IADB as Trinidad and Tobago’s Defence Attaché to Washington.

I have no doubt that his long career of service and dedication to a country he loved dearly will always stand as an example of excellence to our young soldiers of today, and that his name and the service he personified shall always live on.

It is with a heavy heard that I send my sincerest condolences his wife and daughter and wish them God’s presence and guidance in their time of agony and loss.

As we wish his name and example to live on, we also pray that his soul shall find peace.