Thursday, January 18, 2018

PM, supermarket owners talk food prices

 Food prices were discussed yesterday by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and supermarket owners from around the country.

The Prime Minister held the meeting as part of another round of the national consultation initiative. It took place at Super Quality Complex, Chaguanas.

In a release following the meeting, Persad-Bissessar stated she was happy to have the conversation with the supermarket owners to learn how the Government can work with them to provide the best quality food and products at the most affordable level to citizens.

She noted many citizens have expressed concern over fluctuating food prices. “Being here today, and having this conversation has effectively brought the issues of food quality, availability and affordability to centre-stage,” she stated.

According to the release, Persad-Bissessar also spoke of the success of the National Conversation Initiative so far, speaking of meetings already hosted with interest groups and plans for future meetings.

She stated there has been positive feedback both from the website and directly.

The Prime Minister stated the success of the programme has convinced her more than ever before “citizens want to participate in their own democracy and be the ones to build their own future through a performance-driven and listening government”.

Persad-Bissessar promised to give consideration to concerns expressed by supermarket owners.

She reminded them, “Our supermarket owners play an extremely important role, not only in the quality of lives of our citizens but in helping citizens maintain their ability to sufficiently provide for the health and well-being of their families.

“And as the Government, citi­zens depend on us to intervene, monitor and implement policies which will protect their fundamental interests most of all—a role which I have every intention of continuing to carry out to secure our families,” she stated.