Saturday, January 20, 2018

PM: TOP has winning team

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday told the Express that she will be in Tobago on December 30 for the official launch of the Tobago Organisation of the People's (TOP) campaign and candidates in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) January 21, 2013 election.

She also described the TOP candidates as the "Top of the world winning team".

Yesterday, National Security Minister Jack Warner also told the Express that come January he will be on the ground in Tobago as the TOP campaigns.

After the Christmas holiday election fever is expected to grip the sister isle as the TOP and the PNM begin their gruelling election campaigns.

TOP political leader Ashworth Jack will be leading his team as he seeks to remove Tobago Chief Secretary Orville London from office.

In 2010, the People's Partnership coalition had a landslide victory at the general election winning 27 electoral seats in Trinidad and sweeping the Tobago East and Tobago West seats getting a 29 seat majority in the Parliament.

Since then, Persad-Bissessar established a Ministry of Tobago Development which was first led by Tobago East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin who was this year replaced by Tobago West MP Dr Delmon Baker.

Persad-Bissessar also brought in Tobago-born Christlyn Moore to be the new Justice Minister after firing Herbert Volney over the section 34 issue.

The People's Partnership has included among its Tobago accomplishments the commissioning of the long overdue Scarborough hospital.

Persad-Bissessar over the past year announced a number of initiatives for Tobago- including the legislative framework for self-governance, an integrated University campus and to make the island a duty free zone to attract tourism and investments.

However, the People's National Movement (PNM) has urged the people of Tobago to not stray from their loyalty to the party.

Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley at a PNM rally earlier this month at Buccoo Integrated Complex advised Tobagonians to not let Tobago fall into the hands of people who were all  under questions.

He urged Tobagonians to wipe out the "yellow fever" as he claimed that the TOP was not the right party to lead Tobago because of its ties to the People's Partnership government.

At that meeting, the PNM officially launched its slate of candidates.

Rowley told the Express yesterday that he too will be in Tobago after the Christmas holidays and was confident of a PNM victory at the polls.


The TOP candidates:

Ashworth Jack—Providence Mason Hall/Moriah

Anthony Arnold—Scarborough/Calder Hall.

Anslem Richards—Roxborough/Delaford

Theodil McPherson—Black Rock/Whim/Spring Garden.

Certica Williams—Plymouth/Golden Lane.

Steve Jack—Belle Garden/Goodwood.

Fitz-Herbert Taylor—Parlatuvier/L'Anse Fourmi/Speyside.

Gladstone Solomon—Bacolet/Mt St George.

Chester Robinson Alleyne—Lambeau/Signal Hill.

Shelly-Ann Rollocks-Hackett—Bethel/Mt Irvine.

Rolly Quaccoo—Canaan/Bon Accord.

Richard Alfred—Buccoo/Mt Pleasant.


The PNM candidates:

THA chief secretary Orville London—Scarborough/Calder Hall

Hilton Sandy—Roxborough/Delaford

Claudia Groome-Duke—Black Rock/Whim/Spring Garden

Godwin Adams—Plymouth/Golden Lane

Tracey Davidson-Celestine—Parlatuvier/L'Anse Fourmi/Speyside

Hayden Spencer—Belle Garden/Goodwood

Joel Jack—Bacolet/Mt St George

Jomo Pitt—Lambeau/Signal Hill

Handel Beckles—Bethel/Mt Irvine

Ancil Dennis—Buccoo/Mt Pleasant

Huey Cadette—Canaan/Bon Accord)

Sheldon Cunningham—Providence/Mason Hall/Moriah

—Anna Ramdass