Saturday, February 24, 2018

PNM: A country out of control

The Peoples National Movement has issued a statement on the murder today of senior counsel Dana Seetahal. The following is the statement -

PNM statement on the murder of Dana Seetahal, S.C.

The assassination of Dana Seetahal SC is a heinous act of cowardice no doubt intended to deliver a supposed ‘final solution’ to a woman, patriotic to the core, known to live without fear and ever defiant in the face of any attempt to intimidate.

The news coverage of the assassination tells of the use of 5.62 ammo, which is evidence of the use of military type assault rifles. This was no ordinary event. Clearly, whether intended or not, a message was sent from the underworld to every citizen of this Country and to the international community who will receive this news, that Trinidad and Tobago is out of control and that no one is immune from targeted darkness.

All of us who knew Dana Seetahal can bear witness to her passion and commitment to everything that she believed in, be it law, mentorship, teaching, national commentary or plain old chat over coffee at her chambers.

We in the PNM believe that her life’s work and dedication requires that we as a nation stand strong in the face of this attack on everything that is decent and that we work together in refusing to succumb to the attacks of the insidious.

We have demanded a return to intelligence led crime detection and solution. The Government has finally returned to the structure and resources of SAUTT by a different name. We have demanded specific reforms to the criminal justice system in our 10 point plan to the Government. Up to as recent as the debate in the Senate on April 8th 2014 we demanded improvement for the State attorneys inexplicably unattended to after nearly $300B of Government expenditure. We pray that the Government will finally act as is required.

Dana Seetahal’s life’s work and example demands that we as a nation fight back and remain ever defiant in the face of darkness.

We must say in a united way that we will stand up and continue her work.

We in the PNM for our part will continue to prosecute the best interests of the citizens of this country and will blow every whistle that reduces corruption and criminality without fear or favour.


Our deepest and most heartfelt condolences go out to Dana Seetahal’s family.

May God the Almighty grant our beloved sister eternal rest and may perpetual light ever shine upon her soul.