Friday, January 19, 2018

PNM Women’s League worried

...too many children dying

 The PNM Women’s League said yesterday it continues to worry about the number of children who have died under tragic circumstances in recent weeks.

“In recent times we have been seeing in the news media, the lives of many children ending prematurely and tragically. This phenomena is of grave and particular concern to the Women’s League of the People’s National Movement as we have always adhered to the view that our children embody Trinidad and Tobago’s future and should therefore be nurtured, loved and protected to the best of our ability,” the League said in a statement yesterday.

“When a child’s life ends in tragedy, our nation feels a profound collective loss. We sympathise with the family and friends and we struggle to come to terms with the circumstances of such a loss. Over the past days, we have heard many people lamenting the recent tragedies of children and in some instances women being killed. Most of the time, the news leaves us numb and often times with more questions than answers. When those answers are slow in coming or when they never come, we are left to move on with our daily lives but always reflecting on the tragedy and asking ourselves ‘why?’”

The League added: “While we acknowledge that indeed there are times when tragedies occur and we are unable to pinpoint specific reasons we feel it is necessary that we are ever mindful of what a blessing our children are and that said blessing comes brings with it mammoth responsibility. If in so doing we are able to alter the occurrences of even one tragedy, then we will have made a significant difference.”