Saturday, December 16, 2017

PNM internal elections May 18

THE PEOPLE’S National Movement (PNM) announced yesterday that May 18 is the “tentative” date for its internal elections under the one-man, one-vote system.

So far the only hat that has been tossed into the ring belongs to Dr Keith Rowley.

PNM public relations officer Senator Faris Al-Rawi made the announcement yesterday following the party’s monthly  general council meeting held at Balisier House, Port of Spain on the eve of the PNM’s birthday (party was founded in 1955) which will be celebrated in San Fernando today.

Party chairman Franklin Khan, Al-Rawi and Ashton Ford, the party’s general secretary addressed the media on a number of issues. 

Khan said every member of the party “in good standing” will be eligible to vote.

He said that 82 ballot boxes are expected to be distributed throughout the country’s 41 constituencies to allow every member a chance to cast ballots. 

The cut off date for those wishing to become members of the party is February 28 and they hoped to have a preliminary list of electors by April 14 and that the final list will be revealed and placed in “strategic areas” throughout the country by April 30.

Khan said this list would not be published in any of the country’s dailies since there may be people who may want to keep their membership in the party out of the public domain. 

Al-Rawi praised Dr Rowley for contesting the position of political leader.

“This party is going to be ready for general elections (constitutionally due in 2015) following our own,” Al-Rawi said.