Friday, December 15, 2017

PNM makes major changes in selecting its officers

In an effort to transform itself into a more democratic and modern political institution, the People's National Movement (PNM) on Sunday approved several changes at a special convention at the St Augustine Secondary School, Warren Street, St Augustine.

The full list of changes is as follows:

a) One man/one vote system to replace the delegate voting system

b) Instant run-off system for political leader only

c) Change of term limits: From five years to four years—political leader, chairman, vice chairman and general secretary. From one year to two years—all other officers of the party.

d) Rescinding veto power of political leader in the candidates selection process

e) Changes to Youth League officer from male and female—one officer without any gender bias

f) Acceptance of international membership. Creation of international officer—taking care of PNM diaspora abroad

g) Major changes to Tobago Council.

Granting full autonomy:

1) Creation of the position of political leader, PNM Tobago Council which will be elected by Tobago convention.

2) That person will be the leader of the Tobago arm of the party.

3) Expansion of the Tobago Council to mirror the image of the national executive.

4) Formation of Tobago screening committee chaired by the political leader, Tobago Council with full responsibility for the selection of Tobago House of Assembly (THA) candidates.

5) The expansion of the committee with four members of the national executive including the political leader as chairman for the screening of Tobago candidates for the general elections.