Saturday, December 16, 2017

PS: No action taken against ex-chairman

‘Conflict of interest’ at GHRS...

 NO disciplinary action has been taken against Ramchand Rampersad over allegations of a conflict of interest during his tenure as chairman of Government Human Resources Services Co Ltd (GHRS), which were exclusively reported by the Express, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration Gillian Macintyre has said.

Macintyre made the statement yesterday, as the GHRS appeared before the Joint Select Committee (JSC) (Group Two) of the Parliament. The meeting was held at the J Hamilton Maurice Room.

The JSC was chaired by Independent Senator Dr Victor Wheeler.

In July 2012, the Express exclusively reported on Rampersad’s alleged conflict of interest as chairman of GHRS.

Rampersad’s private company, Perfect World Human Resources and Management Services, is said to have played a role in short-listing prospective candidates for the chief executive officer’s job at National Flour Mills (NFM). 

Rampersad’s private business was incorporated in January 2012, nearly six months after he was made chairman of GHRS.

Wheeler asked Macintyre what came out of this situation.

Wheeler: In 2012, there were allegations of misconduct involving a senior member of the company’s board and this was reported in the press, and the allegations concerned the existence of conflicts of interest regarding transactions that involved the said board member and his private firm. Are you aware if these allegations were substantiated?

Macintyre: The matter was referred to the Ministry of Finance for them to undertake an audit. We have not received the report on the audit as yet.

Wheeler: Are you aware if there were any disciplinary or legal action taken as a result?

Macintyre: The chairman resigned from the board, the person who the allegations were made against, so there would have been no disciplinary action required.

Last October, Wayne Munro was appointed as chairman of GHRS.